Advanced Technology to Detecting Gold & Treasures High Accuracy Machines to Detecting Diamonds & Gemstones 2006 - 2021 Metal and Water Finder MWF USA

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MF 1100 PRO

A new imprint in the world of advanced detectors
Smart detection and control systems (Smart Technology)
New inventions invented for you by MWF DETECTORS
Now the gold and treasures are in your hands with confidence and with less time and effort.

this device it is sold in three different packages according of the
systems available in each package:

1- Standard package: Provided with the basic search system, Advanced Long Range System ( MF 1100 PRO Standard ).
2- Professional Package: Provided with 2 search systems Long Range System & Hybrid+ system ( MF 1100 PRO Professional ).
3- Super Package: Provided with 3 search systems, Long Range System & Hybrid + system and Geophysical survey system( MF 1100 PRO Super ).

Company Profile:

MWF factory and company specialized in the manufacture and trade of metal detectors, treasures.. and ground water underground
MWF is a US-based Turkish company based in Chicago, United States, and Turkey in Istanbul
The company was founded in 2008, the company is working on the improvement and continuous development of the detectors of gold sites, treasures and water for years and we are manufacturing these reagents on the basis of scientific correct and accurate and we are keen to offer products very carefully
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