Ionic Radara Sensor

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Ionic Radar Sensor: This radar ion sensor is must connected to its input in the main detector device. Its mission is to send and receive signals and waves for the main verification unit to process these signals and show the results. If you want this sensor, please select your main detector.

Ground Transmitter

Ground Transmitter Unit: This unit is connected to devices and systems that work on remote sensing systems or Long-range system, to be responsible for transmitting and transmitting the frequency waves emanating from the search device towards the earth. It is considered the main supporter for signal enhancement in mountainous and rocky areas, It works with several models of our detectors, If you want to have it please select the device you own.


The Easiest .. The smallest .. and the faster to detect treasures VIGOR, the new and advanced device to detect gold, treasures and cavity, vigor device has modern features and characteristics that enable it to monitor underground targets accurately and effectively, The high sensitivity to detection the target speedily, accurate verification of the target’s location, and the acoustic indicators issued to determine the target’s location path is one of the most important of these features, In addition the digital compass on the device screen, which shows directions and the target path as well, The detection depth of this device reaches 20 m and can detect targets from a distance of 2000 m circular.


A new imprint in the world of advanced detectors Smart detection and control systems (Smart Technology) New inventions invented for you by MWF DETECTORS Now the gold and treasures are in your hands with confidence and with less time and effort.
Note: this device it is sold in three different packages according of the systems available in each package: 1- Standard package: Provided with the basic search system, Advanced” Long Range System 2- Professional Package: Provided with 2 search systems Long Range System & Hybrid+ system. 3- Super Package: Provided with 3 search systems, Long Range System & Hybrid+ system and Geophysical survey system.
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This is the Standard package of MF-100 PRO:Provided with 2 search systems Long Range System & Hybrid+ system, And you can activate the Geophysical Search System later in case you purchase the detection kit of this system.
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